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The Filipino Selling Mindset: A Guide to Stepback Sales Leadership Journey


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February 17, 2020

The Filipino Selling Mindset: A Guide to Stepback Sales Leadership Journey


Stepback Sales Leadership is a philosophy of putting the people at the center of sales leadership. It is an inspirational approach in understanding the dynamics of leading and managing a sales organization based on the pre-colonial story of the Filipinos. This program is designed for sales leaders who would like to rediscover the lost Filipino greatness and leadership ingenuity, map a culturally fit strategy to drive more sales and close more deals and design a sustainable program that can stand the test of time—all are based on a cultural archeological study of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras.

Who should attend

Sales Leaders, Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Supervisors.

After the course, you will:

    1.    Appreciate the challenges why we can't (but must) be global sales leaders;
    2.    Rediscover yourself as a pro-people leader based on your authentic
    3.    Learn the inspirational journey of ancient Filipinos based on precolonial
           Philippine history and its effect on how lead, buy and sell
    4.    Deeply understand the role of culture in a sustainable sales
           organization; and
    5.    Learn the newly decoded STEP Sales Leadership Process.

I. From competitor mindset to collaborative attitude

II. The Filipino behavior explained by history and original culture

III.  Storytelling as a sales strategy (from your team to your clients)

IV.  The People-Leader-Goal or PLG Sales Leadership Model

V.  Introduction to STEPS Sales Leadership Process

Mr. Lloyd Abria Luna is the founder and CEO of Stepback, a leadership and culture development company that helps leaders and organizations see the bigger picture in life and at work. He has been an Asian motivational speaker for 15 years, delivering an average of 120 inspirational speeches annually.

He is the first Filipino to represent the Philippines in Global Speakers Summit, the first to speak in a French and European Speakers Convention, the first to become member of the board of Global Speakers Federation, and the first Registered Speaking Professional in the Philippines.

He is the youngest board member of the Global Speakers Federation, a $1B industry that has an extended reach to over 53,000 thought leaders that impact over 50,000,000 households every year. It has 15 membercountries worldwide including the Philippines. Lloyd is the founder and president of Philippine Association of Professional Speakers.

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