How can I be included in Ateneo CCE's mailing list of upcoming courses?

You may send an e-mail to sales.cce@ateneo.edu specifying your field of interest/s. Kindly provide the following: full name; nickname; company / organization name; position / designation; office phone & fax number; mobile phone number; and company & personal e-mail addresses.

How do I register for a program?

There are two ways participants could make their registration for a program. These are:

  • Online Registration through the Ateneo CCE website; or
  • You may call us at 0932-7919190 and request for a copy of the registration form. You may send it back directly to the sales executive once accomplished or thru sales.cce@ateneo.edu

How can I cancel my program registration?

You may contact the sales executive in charge of the course. Inform him/her regarding the cancellation of your registration. Cancellations made within the 10-day period prior to course schedule shall be charged a cancellation fee. Fifty percent (50%) of the course fee shall apply.

Can you customize courses for a company?

Yes, Ateneo CCE can customize courses according to the needs of your company. For more information customize or in-house programs, you may contact Ms. Eveth Ella-Balce or Mr. Francis De Leon at 840-1742 / 830-2042 or send an email to sales.cce@ateneo.edu

Do I need to bring anything on the first day of the program?

There are programs wherein you may be requested to bring certain materials. An example will be a calculator for finance courses. The sales executive will send you pre-training reminders that may include materials or documents required in class.

I am an MBA student at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. How do I earn credits for the courses I attended at Ateneo CCE? What other information should I know when crediting units for my MBA?

This is to set the implementing rules and regulations for selected CCE courses for credit as MBA elective effective June 1, 2013.

1. CCE course credit as MBA electives is available for registered students of the MBA
Standard, Middle Managers, Regis and MBA Health of AGSB.

2. MBA Standard, Middle Managers, Regis and MBA Health students who would like to
have CCE courses credited towards their MBA should write a letter of intent addressed
to CCE’s Executive Director subject to CCE’s approval. A letter template is attached.

3. Ateneo CCE shall submit a list of course offerings (at least one CCE course per
term/trimester) to the Registrar’s Office one week prior to enrollment of MBA Standard,
Middle Managers, Regis and MBA Health programs. Selected CCE programs will be
uploaded at the appropriate time.

4. Ateneo CCE courses for MBA elective credits are only valid to a maximum validity of five
(5) years from the start date of the course or program.

5. Along with the course offerings per term/trimester, CCE shall provide the Registrar's
Office with the LIST OF STUDENTS PER COURSE which the Registrar in turn shall preenlist
into the system.

6. Ateneo CCE shall determine the number of elective units based on the training hours of
the chosen CCE course for MBA elective credits.

7. MBA students should render the minimum training hours and fulfill the course
requirements. Failure to comply with attendance AND course requirements will incur an
incomplete (INC) grade. Make-up and deferment policy of CCE shall apply.


What happens if I was not able to comply with the 80% minimum attendance requirement?

It is Ateneo's thrust to ensure maximum learning to all participants attending our courses. If you failed to comply with the 80% minimum attendance requirement, you may receive a certificate of attendance inclusive of dates attended. In addition, if you are a diploma course student, failure to complete the minimum attendance requirement will forfeit your chance to receive a Director's Award and will also be issued a certificate of attendance.


What if I want to receive my certificate despite my attendance issues?

You are required to attend the module you missed on the next public run, subject to an incidental fee. For more information regarding the incidental fee, please contact the sales executive handling the program.

Can I get a certification letter for the program I attended?

Yes, you may receive a certification letter upon payment of the processing fee. For more information, please call the Training Support Services Group at (632) 810-7864 or (632) 840-1246.

When can I get my certification letter?

Upon payment of the processing fee, you may claim your certification letter after seven (7) business days. To claim, please present a valid ID and official receipt of the course payment. Should you send a representative, an authorization letter, a photocopy of your ID, and a photocopy of the representative's ID are required.

When can I get my plaque?

Plaques will be released three (3) months after the end of the last module.

What if I failed to submit project/s?

You will be notified by CCE regarding your failure to submit the project/s on the specified deadline. You will be given one (1) week to submit. Otherwise, you will be required to repeat the module, subject to an incidental fee. For more information regarding the incidental fee please contact the sales executive handling the program.

Until when can I take the module/s I missed to complete the program?

You are given one (1) year to complete the modules and submit academic requirements.