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Service Quality


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Php 11,000

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Php 10,000

Service Quality


Service Quality is a matter of knowing your customers, designing services to meet customer needs and finally managing the service production and delivery process to their satisfaction.

This program, designed for supervisors and managers who oversee a customer-service operation,  studies Service Quality at a strategic level, enabling management to design customer-focused methods in their processes.

Who should attend
  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service personnel, supervisors, and managers of all industries;     
  • Proprietors and entrepreneurs of all industries

After the course, you will:

  1. Understand how to critically look at customer service levels and establish if the organization is truly customer driven;
  2. Learn specific critical-to-quality attributes of customer service;
  3. Set metrics to drive and monitor service quality;
  4. Commit to develop his leadership role in driving service quality in the organization; and
  5. Create a framework to drive service quality implementation.

I. Service excellence

A. Service excellence as a competitive advantage

B. Service leadership to deliver service excellence

II. Service concepts

A. Distinctive characteristics of services

B. Goods-services mix

III. Introduction to the Service Quality model

A. How do we define Service Quality?

B. Components of Service Quality

  1. Expected quality (customer expectations)
  2. Experienced quality (technical and functional quality)
  3. Service quality dimensions

IV. The Service Quality Framework

A. Understanding the expectations of customers

  1. Collecting the Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC)
  2. Organizing and prioritizing VOC feedback
          a. Affinity diagrams
          b. Kano Model

B. Translate customer expectations into customer-driven service designs and standards

  1. Setting customer-defined service standards
  2. Designing and improving the service process through Service Blueprinting

C. Placing systems, processes, and people to ensure that service performance matches the designs and standards in place

  1. Building and managing a customer-oriented team
           a. Hiring, enabling and retaining the right people

D. Communicating the standards to the customers to manage expectations

  1. Effective external and internal communication

V. Check Up Regularly
Check on how you are doing with

A. A service audit system

B. A customer feedback system

C. An employee feedback system

VI. Leadership in a customer-focused organization
Build a Winning Team with Quality Customer Service Leadership

A. Effective communication

B. Reward systems in place

C. Successful decision-making

D. Generation of a positive force

Ms. Anamaria M. Mercado has over 15 years experience in the field of business development and management, particularly sales and marketing. She has handled products offered in retail consumer, office, and industrial markets, working initially as a sales representative and marketing analyst, and later as a business group head. She has worked with various customers and trade partners including distributors, dealers and retailers.

Over the last few years, Ms. Mercado has concentrated on full time training - facilitating courses in sales and its disciplines, customer service and Six Sigma.

Ms. Mercado has a degree in Business Economics and post graduate units In Professional Education from the University of the Philippines. She also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

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