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Reviewing: Alternative Performance Management Systems


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Php 27,900

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Php 24,900

Reviewing: Alternative Performance Management Systems


Reviewing people is to measure and evaluate their performance with the organizational goals in mind. The idiom used for reviewing and evaluating people is to "size them up." More often than not, rather than using quantitative "sizers," very qualitative assessments are made. "He's  okay…She  does  the  work  well…He  shows  initiative…She  has  a  very  pleasant personality."

Performance goes beyond the efforts exerted by the employee. Performance measures the actual outputs, end results and outcomes delivered by the people because they are competent, committed and highly participative.  They deliver the deliverables.  They satisfy and  delight customers. They generate sales.  They impact  positively on  the lives  of beneficiaries. They produce good bottom line results. They yield commendable returns. They bring prestige, honor and good will to the organization. Performance measures are quantified attainments of the vision, mission and objectives set.

Who should attend

Professional HR practitioners;
Entrepreneurs (with more than two employees)

This program aims to enhance and deepen the knowledge and understanding of the HRM functions and is primarily intended for professional HR practitioners and entrepreneurs who see the need to strengthen their people management skills.

I.  Designing Performance Management Systems
II. Evaluating and Selecting the Most Appropriate PMS
III. Developing Performance Metrics to Achieve Desired Results
IV. Cascading Institutional Metrics to Departmental, Team and Individual Levels
V. Performance Management Reviews
VI. Performance Improvement Programs

Dr. Eduardo "Edmo" A. Morato Jr. is concurrently the chairman of ACE Center for Entrepreneurship, the partner organization of AGSB for the ME program, and chairman and president of Bayan EDGE, Bayan Academy and SEARCH. He is also an Eminent Fellow at the Development Academy of the Philippines.

His body of work, which include over 500, numerous monographs and thought pieces, encompasses his 50 years of service to education, public administration and civil society while actively engaging in consultancy, research, and training services for private corporations and government agencies. Writing books, cases and monographs is his way of sharing his copious knowledge and experience as an educator, development manager and management guru.

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