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PSE - Ateneo CCE Certified Securities Specialist Course


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PSE - Ateneo CCE Certified Securities Specialist Course


The Philippine Stock Exchange-Ateneo CCE Certified Securities Specialist Course (PSE Securities Course or the Program) is a key initiative of the Exchange, in partnership with the Ateneo CCE, to provide continuing education for market participants. It is a 124-hour program that puts emphasis on financial market theories, valuation techniques and analysis, investment portfolio management, ethics, regulations, and market dynamics.

  •   The PSE Securities Course is a certification program.
  •   The program is module-based comprised of 14 subject areas focused on the equities market   and capital market industry. 
  •   The course shall be handled by the PSE's pool of lecturers who are market practitioners with ample experience in the capital market industry.
  •    Each module covers an intensive learning process to ensure understanding and appreciation of the subject. This includes theory discussions, concept application to actual settings, and group dynamics. 
Who should attend

This Program is designed for:

  • The investor who already understand basic stock investing and would like to manage his/her own portfolio.
  • Trading participants or market/industry practitioners who want to enhance investment, trading, and analytical skills.
  • Individuals interested to learn about the capital markets, particularly, the equities market or considering a career in finance or the capital markets industry.  

Course Objectives:

  1. To provide a continuing education program for the public that will enhance  their knowledge about      the capital market industry, with specific focus on the equities industry;
  2. To enhance the investing, trading, and analytical skills of investors and industry practitioners; and
  3. To promote an investment culture among Filipinos and the general public.
  • Course Modules
    • Organization of financial and equities markets
    • Quantitative methods of finance
    • Macroeconomics
    • Analysis and use of financial statements
    • Valuation
    • Fundamental and technical analysis
    • Risk management
    • Fixed income and bond market
    • Raising capital in the capital market
    • Derivatives
    • Portfolio management
    • Ethics in the professional asset management industry
    • Securities regulation
    • Recent developments in the capital markets
  • Review and mock exam
  • Certification exam
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