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Family Business Governance-Family Council/Family Constitution


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Php 5,400

Family Business Governance-Family Council/Family Constitution


The seminar-workshop will expose the participants on how to effectively manage family, business and owner relationships which require special awareness, careful communication (through family council) and extreme effort on the part of family members. Family dynamics will be discussed in relation to the family business. An intervention tool, the family constitution helps in maintaining the harmony of the three (family, business, owner) which are conflicting at times. The seminar-workshop will include an overview of a Family Constitution and what it can do for your family. The process of crafting allows for the family to appreciate the fact that there is an effective alternative to resolving issues and in actually anticipating areas of possible conflict.

Who should attend

Owners, founders, family members, entrepreneurs, students, & professionals (non-family members) working in family businesses. 

Course Objectives:

  1. Understanding the family system, interlocking relationships, and communications. 
  2. Learn the different components that are important for the health growth of the family business. Establishing the family council, board of directors, and effectively conducting meetings with family members.
  3. Understand the basic structures of Family Governance such as the Family Council, the Board of Directors and how these can be structured in the Family Constitution. 
  4. Managing the Paradox: Family system & Business system
  5. Learn the importance of a Family Council-how it works and its purpose
  6. Conducting meetings in the Family Council
  7. Importance and relevance of a Family Constitution

Family Council

Essential purpose is to periodically provide a forum where family values, needs, and expectations tied in to the business are discussed and integrated.

Managing the Paradox: Family system and the Business system that seem to oppose each other need to be managed and be supportive to the family business.

It is the opportunity for the family to create or rekindle the shared family vision.

Family Constitution

The Family Constitution is a formal document developed collaboratively by family members to encapsulate the values, beliefs and objectives of the family, as a family, with specific reference to the family’s relationship and dealing with its family business.

The family constitution contains policies governing the interface between the family and its business before problems occur. It is the ideal vehicle for family members to anticipate potentially contentious issues and decide as a group how to handle them. With concrete policies contained in the family constitution, problems will be less difficult to resolve and that decisions will be consistently applied to each family member.

Mr. Ricardo H. Mercado

is the Director of the Ateneo Family Business Development Center of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) - John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM). He is also a resource speaker on family business seminars in Santa Clara University; University of the Pacific Stockton; and University of San Diego, USA. Mr. Mercado earned his Bachelor's degree in Economics and Master's degree in Business Administration from ADMU. He also has a Professional Diploma in Family Ministry and Counselling from the Center of Family Ministries of ADMU. He is a Certified Franchise Executive of International Franchise Association (IFA), Washington DC, USA, which was sponsored by Marriott International Scholarship for Minorities and IFA Education Foundation. 

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