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The Essentials of Cold Storage Warehouse Operations


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The Essentials of Cold Storage Warehouse Operations


This is a two-day course developed specifically for warehouse and logistic practitioners as well as cold storage operators to familiarize with the essentials requirements in developing and managing a cold storage warehouse facility. It will enhance your knowledge and skills in setting up effective systems for cold storage warehouse management in the cold chain logistics industry.

Who should attend

Warehouse and logistics and supply chain management practitioners as well as cold storage warehouse operators. Plant and facilities professionals may also benefit from attending this seminar.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the importance of operating a cold storage warehouse and the growth of the cold storage industry;
  2. Define and learn what is cold storage and its purpose;
  3. Define and understand the special considerations in selecting the types of cold storage facilities;
  4. Learn the various cold storage designs, layouts and optimization;
  5. Define and understand the key considerations for operating an effective cold storage facility;
  6. Have a working knowledge of the warehousing processes;
  7. Learn the various material handling systems in cold storage warehouse;
  8. Understand safety aspects in cold storage facility;
  9. Learn how to implement waste management in cold storage operations; and
  10. Define and understand the challenges and best practices in cold storage warehouse management.
  •  Introduction
    • Importance of operating a cold storage warehouse
    • Growth of cold storage industry
    • Cold chain management
    • Definition of cold storage warehouse
    • Purposes of cold storage warehouse
    • Options for cold storage operations
  • Storage classifications based on storage conditions
    • Specific considerations in selecting the types of cold storage
    • Types of cold storage facilities
  • Cold storage warehouse layout and space optimization
    • Warehouse layout impacting productivity
    • Cold storage warehouse zone designation
    • Inventory forecasting and reporting
    • Refrigerated warehouse inventory storage
    • Refrigerated warehouse yard and dock doors
    • Refrigerated warehouse picking and shipping
    • Refrigerated warehousing VAS/kitting
  • Cold  storage design and site selection
  • Five (5) key considerations for operating an effective cold storage facility.
    • Types of refrigeration
    • Temperatures
    • Insulation
    • Location
    • Cold storage standards
  • The warehouse process
    • Definition of warehouse
    • Three (3) major operations involved in warehousing activities: inbound, outbound and processes
  • Materials handling systems in cold storage warehouse
  • Cross docking operations
  • Safety in cold storage warehouse: Hazards, precautions and recommendations
  • Waste management in cold storage operations
  • Seven (7) problems in cold storage warehousing operations
  • Evaluation criteria for accreditation of cold storage warehouse
    • Physical structure
    • Equipment and facilities
    • Sanitation facilities and control
    • Quality assurance and safety programs
  • Challenges impacting cold storage warehouse management
  • Best practices in cold storage warehouse management
  • Video presentation
  • Review test exercises and group workshop

Mr. Ramon R. Guevara, CPM, DSM

has more than 50 years of working experience in purchasing and supply management. He held various managerial and executive positions in the areas of purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, customer service, transportation and logistics operations. He is currently an international lecturer on supply management in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong. He is also a lecturer/facilitator and supply management consultant for the Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM).

Prior to this, he worked with Filoil Refinery Corporation (now Petron Corporation), San Miguel Corporation, General Motors Corporation, and the U.S. Federal Government. He was also Senior Manager – Materials Management Division of the International Rice Research Institute. Further, he was a management lecturer at Mapua Institute of Technology.  Mr. Guevara is a former President of the Philippine Institute for Supply Management.

He received various awards, such as: Gawad Sinop by the Society of Fellows in Supply Management: and Most Outstanding Purchasing and Materials Management Practitioner of the year by PISM.
Mr. Guevara is a Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) from the Institute for Supply Management, Michigan, USA. He earned a Masters degree in Business Administration from Mapua Graduate School.

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