Course Name

Dynamics of Engagement and Corrective Action


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Php 12,800

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Php 11,800

Dynamics of Engagement and Corrective Action


As you lead people to achieve business objectives and manage individual development, various supervisory concerns can get in the way of smooth day-to-day work. Many of these emanate from those referred to as difficult employees. These concerns are manifested in aspects such as: low performance, poor work habits, resistance to change, and even aggressive behavior. 

This course will help you gain a greater degree of confidence in exercising authority, in a manner that resolves adaptive situations while meeting  the prevailing personal concerns. It will provide a sensible guide to contain such problems and move forward constructively, in light of engagement in the workplace. 

Who should attend

People managers, from team leaders and supervisors to junior-level managers, who wish to gain insight into approaches around individual performance enhancement. 

After the course, you will:

  1. Rethink the dynamics of the key management functions of leading and controlling, in light of employees who perform or behave below expectations;
  2. Recognize the modern  employee mindset, unique workplace conditions, and distinct personal motivations that impact positive behavior and corrective action;
  3. Identify factors you can control in order to remove obstacles to desired behavior, and practice skills to effectively deal with these adaptive situations; and
  4. Apply the principles of counseling and due process in disciplinary proceedings.

Course Outline:

  • The modern context: Your role in fostering a culture of high performance 
  • Facing common obstacles in getting people to do their jobs well
  • Supervision strategies around engaging employees and driving results, vis-à-vis difficult performers
  • Leading and controlling:Communication and resolution skills that move towards behavioral improvement
  • Counseling, discipline, and grievance handling 

Mr. Eric Generoso D. Picart

has 20 years of corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurial experience in the management and development of human resources systems. He has handled performance management, leadership development, training, management coaching, human resources administration, and organization design. He has worked with senior leaders across different industries to conduct human resource development programs.


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