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Distributor Management: Levelling up the Key Partner


February 22, 2023 - February 24, 2023

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February 08, 2023

Distributor Management: Levelling up the Key Partner


In today’s highly dynamic and progressive market, there is a need to understand and manage a vital sales channel of most companies called Distributors vis-à-vis Key Accounts. These distributors who are extensions of the company require a unique set of skills and appreciation from sales to be managed properly and effectively.

This course provides the learning of vital skills for managing a distributor as it is a vital route-to-market strategy component of a company. It goes through the process on how to assess the distributor’s operational capabilities, help build its business, assist in managing its day-to-day operations, and monitor its performance for business results. 

Overall, it emphasizes what the company’s representative to the distributor should be doing and how to do them well.  And this is made even more critical because the distributor is the company’s secondary organization and as such, its representative should possess a unique set of skills for the effective and efficient handling of the distributor.

Who should attend
  • Distributor Sales Specialists/Managers
  • National Sales managers
  • Distributor Channel managers
  • General managers

After the course, you will:

  1. Understand and define who and what distributors are vis-a-vis principals. Why do we need them;
  2. Understand the challenges, pressures and issues distributors face in their operations;
  3. Appreciate and apply the ABAM model in Managing Distributors;
  4. Identify and differentiate the various Distributor models in the industry and see their advantages/disadvantages; and
  5. Acquire needed and critical learning in the management of distributors.

I. Who is a Distributor?

II. Who is a Principal?

III. Challenges and issues - Distributor and principal

IV. Key attributes of Highly Successful Distributor managers


     A.  Distributor Selection Criteria (Assessment)

     B. Performance Scorecard (Assessment)

     C.  Planning and Analysis - Data Sheet and Opportunities Worksheet (Building)

     D.  Strategy Development and Deployment -GOSP (Building)

     E.  Situational leadership (Assisting)

     F.  ICO Management (Monitoring)

     G. Payout efficiency using ROPI (Monitoring) 

VI. Distribution Models: A Review

VII. Business Review: Persuasive Selling Format

Mr. Rogerick P. Fermin has a successful general management experience across several industries ( FMCG, Telco, Building technologies, Food, Logistics) with solid track record of growing revenues and profitability of businesses in start-up and expansion mode. Recently, he was the Senior Vice President for Business Development and Sales at Metropac Movers, Inc. Prior to this, his career includes holding top executive positions in companies like Conceptfoods Corporation ( Ulalammm), My Solid Technologies Corp. ( MyPhone) and Solidgroup Technologies Corp ( MyHouse). His international stint was with BMS-Mead Johnson Nutritionals (Thailand) as Regional Sales Training Head covering Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia/Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.   Currently, he is engaged in management consultancy and sales training and development with different clients and industries in the Philippines. Mr. Fermin has a Bachelors degree in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Mr. Ronald Zialcita has extensive experience in sales and distribution with the consumer goods industry, and the highlights of which have been on 1) general sales management, 2) sales training and development, and 3) operations management of distributors.                     

His sales career began with Procter & Gamble, starting as an ex-truck salesman covering downline stores, and from there he had increasing responsibilities in field sales management covering major wholesalers and the modern trade (key accounts).  He further moved on, with the same company, to becoming sales training and development manager for Philippines/Indonesia, and eventually Thailand. 

He progressed through heading sales organizations of Universal Robina Corporation (Dairy Products Division), Sampœrna International, Sara Lee Philippines, Wella Philippines, and Unisell Corporation.

He has been doing consulting work on sales training and development with companies in the home/personal care, automotive consumables, industrial adhesives, agri-feeds, telco, industrial equipment parts, apparel industries, banking, and retail industries.

He has a Business Administration degree from Adamson University and pursued a Masters in Business Administration degree at De La Salle University as well.

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