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Certified Specialist in Digital and Social Selling


6 Weeks
Self-Paced Online Learning
Synchronous sessions via Zoom
Asynchronous sessions via access to the AteneoBlueCloud (Canvas LMS)

Regular Rate:

Php 31,500

Certified Specialist in Digital and Social Selling


When you’ve got the skills, it’s all yours to play for.

The Digital Marketing Institute gives you those skills and what’s more - gives you Certification which is recognised and wanted around the globe.

Everyone can see what you’re capable of and what opportunities you can slot right into - or go create. With over 55,000 DMI Members worldwide and a panel of razor-sharp Global Industry Advisory Champions guiding our course curriculum and more, we’re right at the edge of big, new and clever.

Join us.

Digital Marketing Institute courses are white hot, created with insight from those who are already out there doing it. We bring you expert thought and practice. We’re about getting you in the game. But it’s a game of perpetual motion, ever-changing, always new. So we are also about keeping you in the game.

Right from the moment you sign up for a course, you also become a DMI Power Member which means you get access to our Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Learn and upskill as your needs and ambitions change. Stay tuned into the hive mind of new insight. Stay connected to the industry’s best opportunities. Stay relevant.

DMI Certification is not just recognized all over the globe – it’s setting the global standard. It also helps that we have Certified more professionals to a single digital marketing standard than any other certification body. We know what we’re doing - and key industry players know that we know what we’re doing too. And it works. Fact is 95% of our Certified Members are currently employed and 81% were promoted after earning their Certification.

It’s your turn next.

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1. One year access to DMI’s portal which covers the following:

  • Access to HD video lectures with accompanying downloadable program material;
  • Access resources to help you with our studies including self-directed practical exercises and recommended reading;
  • Availability of program manager to support you during your study and assist with any administrative related queries;
  • Access to discussion forums to interact with and learn from fellow students to progress through material towards certification;
  • The Class Network also contains information you must complete successfully to achieve certification; and
  • The Class Network can be accessed 24/7 through your desktop or mobile device.

2. One-time certification exam voucher through Pearson VUE test center

You will lean how to:

  • Find your audience using the right media channel. Win hearts and minds and make your followers grow and grow and grow
  • Make your website visible to more humans thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)techniques
  • Drive the right traffic to your website through smarter PayPer-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Create compelling digital display campaigns
  • Capture, segment and manage subscribers for fruitful email marketing campaigns
  • Discover what works by measuring and optimizing social media campaigns. Then discover what works even better
  • Leverage mobile marketing for a precision micro-targeting edge
  • Create a cohesive digital marketing strategy for your business Take over the world

We give you the superpower abilities to implant messages in minds via ten modules of white-hot thought and practice:

  1. Social Research
  2. Content Creation
  3. Content Outreach
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Instagram and Snapchat
  8. YouTube and Social Video
  9. Social Customer Service
  10. Strategy and Planning
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