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Brand Innovation Masterclass


Regular Rate:

Php 26,000

Early Eagle Rate:

Php 24,000

Brand Innovation Masterclass


Learn how to innovate and elevate your brand in order to deeply connect with customers, differentiate versus your competitors and drive more value for your firm, esp. during the pandemic. 

In this Brand Innovation Masterclass, you will learn the advance principles of developing and refining your brand from solidifying your Brand DNA, defining your Brand Identity and then finally designing your Brand + Customer Experience. 

The workshop features tools and frameworks used by Creative Intelligence Associates: The Brand Architect Group (the oldest brand strategy firm in Japan) and their Philippine partner, CIA Bootleg Manila, in developing and designing the brand strategies for their renowned clients - Uniqlo, UCC Coffee, Aoyama Flower Market, Sakura Color, Nike and Gap, among others. These actual case studies will be complemented by insights and ideas from other powerful brands like Apple, Google and Coke.

Who should attend
  • Marketing managers

  • Brand managers

  • Entrepreneurs with prior experience and knowledge in brand development and management

After the course, you will: 

  1. Learn how to properly identify and define your Brand’s DNA that powerfully integrates your brand’s current essence, previous successes, and future directions;
  2. Learn how to translate your Brand DNA into a Brand Identity and Positioning Strategy that connects with customers and differentiates from competitors; and
  3. Learn how to ideate and design an innovative Brand + Customer Experience & Marketing Plan that truly delights customers.

Major Outputs

By the end of the program, you will have a new Brand Blueprint Design, customized for your own company and brand. This Brand Blueprint will include:


  • Invaluable and actionable insights on your own brand and products, services, customers, competitors and your company and people.


  • Major Brand directions that will steer your company and your organization towards your Brand’s future.
  • An inspiring and galvanizing Brand DNA and Identity framework that will provide clarity to your company.
  • A detailed Brand + Customer Experience plan that will completely innovate the your current marketing mix.

I. Brand Fundamentals
   A. What is a Brand 
   B. The Components of a Brand Blueprint: The Brand DNA, The Brand Identity and The Brand Customer

II. The Many Ways of Finding Your Brand DNA
    A. By Looking Outside
         1. from your Customer's Selfish Goals and Jobs-to-be-Done
         2. from your Customer's Imprints & Memories

    B. By Looking Beyond
         1. from your Brand's Successes
         2. from your Brand's Origins 

    C. By Looking Beyond 
         1. from your Favorites

III. From Brand DNA to Brand Identity

    A. From Ideal Customer+Your Brand Promise 
        What positions your brand

    B. The Brand's Personality 
        What grounds your brand

    C. The Brand's Philosophy
        Your beliefs and values

     D. Brand's Emotions
        The feelings your brand evokes

     E. Brand's Mission
        What guides the brand

IV. Designing Your Brand Customer Experience

     A. Brand + Customer Touchpoints
         Innovating the Marketing Mix
         1. From Products and Services to Brand Experience:
              a. Product Philosophy and Major Product Strategies
              b. Synchronized Services
         2. From Place to Brand Environments
         3. From Promos to Brand Interactions
         4. From People to Brand Collaborators


Mr. Aaron Palileo is the co-founder of CIA Bootleg Manila, a consumer insighting and creative brand strategizing firm in Manila. He is also the ASEAN Director of Creative Intelligence Associates: The Brand Architect Group. 

As a management consultant and educator, he has worked with international companies based in the Philippines like Accenture Philippines, FWD Insurance, Globe, Pepsi Philippines, Servier Pharmaceuticals, Unilab and Wyeth Nutrition. He has also consulted and trained many medium to large scale Philippine companies. 

He has written and co-written books, articles and case studies on management creativity and innovation. He teaches in the Master in Entrepreneurship and Master in Social Entrepreneurship programs of Ateneo Graduate School of Business. He is also the Program Director for AGSB-CCE's Marketing and Branding Innovation Programs

He is an experienced marketer, having brand-managed Bic Lighters & Shavers, Chupa Chups Lollipops, Freixenet Wines, Gingerbon Candies, Haribo Gummies, Kodak Films, Pez Candy and other multinational brands from US, Europe & Asia.

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