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Agile Project Management


April 10, 2023 - April 28, 2023

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3 weeks of self-paced learning with live sessions

Asynchronous materials access at AteneoBlueCloud (Canvas LMS)
All videos for the week must be viewed before the live session
Graded activities will be discussed during the live sessions, but are due two weeks from their scheduled start.
The total number of hours dedicated to Agile Management = Approx. 14 hours

Regular Rate:

Php 16,000

Early Eagle Rate:

Php 14,850

Agile Project Management


Being a project manager, you need to have a set of simple guiding practices that proved a framework within which to manage, rather than a set of rigid instructions. 

Agile Project Management will enable you to implement agile methodologies including change, fluid organizations, setting limits, and most importantly - not to be just a manager, but a leader.

Who should attend
  • Advanced Project Management stakeholders

  • PMO members

  • Executive Sponsors initiating programs and managing strategies

  • CXOs seeking hands-on knowledge on how to implement strategy

After the course, you will: 

  1. Learn how to combine business vision, communication skills, soft management skills, and the technical savvy with the ability to play, coordinate, and execute; 

  2. Be provided with techniques to guide you as a project manager from being a task maker to a leader; 

  3. Enhance focus on inspiring teamwork and collaboration, championing the project, and remove obstacles to progress; and

  4. Acquire skill integration for positive, successful execution of projects; leadership skills; and multiple agile frameworks.

Week 1: Introduction to Agile 

A. Introduction 
B. 12 Key Principles of Agile Project Management 
C. Why Agile? 
D. Traditional into Agile 
E. Addressing Assumptions 
F. Visionary Leadership
G. Project Management Journey
H. Agile: The Human Factor
I. The Linear Sequential Nature of Traditional PM
J. Pros and Cons of the Waterfall Method

Week 2: Agile Frameworks

A. The Agile Development Cycle
B. The Scrum Framework & Scrum Artifacts
C. The Kanban & Lean Frameworks
D. Extreme Programming Framework & TDD
E. Preparing for Agile Project Management
F. Example in Starting a Project with Agile (Scrum)
G. Standup, Sprint, Scrum, and Execute

Week 3: The Agile Step-by-step Guide

A. Understanding the Problem
B. Assemble, Brainstorm, & Prototype
C. Boundaries, Milestones, & Planning Sprints
D. Check, Review, & Release Product
E. Agile: A Summary




Mr. Mario Domingo is the Director of the Ateneo Institute for Digital Enterprises where he helps share his knowledge in digital transformation and innovation. He has helped several companies through their Digital Transformation over the years.

He is the Group CTO of Chi-X Asia-Pacific Holdings, Ltd, a Hong Kong conglomerate of market centers operating equities exchanges in Australia and Japan. He is also president of Chi-X Global Technology Philippines, Inc. A low-latency, high-frequency trading platform technology and operations FinTech company he built from the ground up. Today, over USD$1.5 Billion in trades are managed by the highly regulated system and is the only one of its kind in the Philippines.

He is the founder of several technology companies in Singapore and the Philippines in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. He is also the founder of DARC Labs, an AI-healthcare tech R&D center where they work on imaging and genomics diagnostics.

He spent many years in telecom and the defense and manufacturing technologies in the United States.

Mr. Domingo has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a Major in Finance, and a Master's degree in Finance and Applied Economics from the University of Southern California, USA.

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