Course Name

27th Marketing Diploma Program


November 07, 2022 - May 04, 2023

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Regular Rate:

Php 84,000

Early Eagle Rate:

Php 79,900

Valid Until:

October 24, 2022

27th Marketing Diploma Program


Learn to craft an effective “go to market plan” enabling your brands & products to capture the optimal target market and understand the basics of how to design a business model to successfully implement your marketing plan. Business models are critical to leverage your organizations’ competitive advantage (financial and human capital i.e., knowledge, leadership & management skills) and commercial partner support to successfully implement a marketing & business plan to deliver superior brands and products to build and sustain a loyal & profitable customer base. This enables sustained long-term growth and shareholder value creation that achieves your vision, mission, and growth objectives.

Who should attend
  1. Marketing and sales professionals as well as entrepreneurs who want to have a better understanding how to market products in a more accurate, insightful, creative, and systematic manner.
  2. Middle management professionals preparing for general management positions.

Successful completion of this module enables the participant to:

  1. Learn to do marketing research to identify the unmet consumer needs of priority target market segments that will drive growth and profits & for which competitive products & services can be designed, produced, and promoted in synergy by unique and relevant brand imaging and engaging experiences;

  2. Learn what brand marketing is and how it is built on satisfying deep human psychological needs that motivate product purchase and loyal usage;

  3. Learn how to promote your brand identity so consumers perceive a favorable image of it through a synergy of effective communication/advertising and product innovation; and

  4. Adopt an ethical attitude and practice in the planning and implementation of business & marketing strategy.

I. Introductory Module

a. Introduction to Business Planning

b. Market Research 

c. Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning

d. Marketing Strategy Formulation

II. Intermediate Module

a. Product and Price 

b. Place and Promotion

c. Digital Marketing 

d. Marketing Plan Formulation

III. Integrating Module

a. Services Marketing

b. Marketing Communications

c. Brand Management

d. Marketing Plan Presentation


Mr. Clemente B. Colayco

Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Center for Continuing Education (AGSB-CCE) Marketing Program Director, brings with him 23 years of experience as an international footwear marketer having worked with major Italian (Cebo Italia) and German (Far East  Grohmann Footwear H.K.) shoe making and trading companies buying from Vietnam, Thailand and China exporting to Europe since 1987. He has managed product development, merchandising, production, and sales in all these business endeavors. He has a Regis MBA degree with honors from AGSB in 2000. He then taught International Marketing at AGSB from 2001 to 2003. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines.

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